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It's July and we have another set of sketches to share with you. This months release is Volume 3 of a series called 'Just a Little Different'. They are not too OTT but are just a little unusual to help showcase some papers or photos depending on which one you choose. There are two more Volumes that have yet to be re-released so will keep you posted on those as they are completed.

To help make this one jaw-droppingly swoon worthy our July Page Drafts special guest designer, the lovely and talented Janice Nicholls has created an incredibly beautiful page to showcase one of this months sketches, so lets check out the templates, this months Tips and Tricks and Janice's masterpiece!

So lets 

Tip 1: Want to add a modern twist to your layout?  One very simple way to achieve this and elevate your page into a more bold and eye catching design is to add contrasting papers on the angle. So why not try positioning your paper diagonally on your base. This is also an incredibly simple and effective way to add movement to a page thereby directing the viewers eye across your whole design from top to bottom or in reverse. Imagine scrapping photos of a mountain climb or rolling down a sand dune, By pairing photo's like these and emulating the motion with the placement of your papers will create a fantastic sense of adventure and really cement the idea that adding movement to your pages is tonnes of fun!

Tip 2: Most of us apply the basic principle of 'Rule of Thirds' to our page designs. But if you are not familar with this principle of composition here is a great introductory article on how to apply it and should help with understanding the concept. So next time have a play with your composition apply this to your page so as to create tension, energy and a powerful emotive point of interest.

Tip 3: When taking action shots dont discard all the blurred ones, keep a couple you wont regret it. Motion blurs (striations seen in action shots) are perfect suggestions of something having taken place in a moment just passing by. The sense of movement is far greater achieved than the still shots of a cyclist riding by. Think about adding filters like a sun flare or a vintage overlay to help create the perfect mood and elevate what initially may feel like a bad snapshot to one that is more intended and considered.
Check this great tutorial on 'How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography'.

'Such Good Friends'

'Hold My Hand'
by Emma Stafrace
Page Drafts Template #32.1 by The Nifty Pixel

'Always an Adventure'
by Em Stafrace
Page Drafts Template #32.5

Some of you may have noticed that I have been re-releasing the earlier sets. The reason has been to update the new logo and bring them inline with the current style. I also figured that since some of the earlier releases only included 3 sketches that I should create extra templates to keep the packs uniformed with 5 sketches per reveal which is an added bonus for you guys as you get some unexpected extra templates in time for a weekend of scrapping he he.

Here is the preview of the RELEASE #3 'Pretty As a Picture Vol.1' To check out the re-released sketches click on the image below to be redirected to the blog post.

So thats it for this post hope you like the new sketches...I can't wait to see what you create using them and this months Tips and Tricks on Adding Movement to your projects. Ooh and don't forget to keep an eye out for Janice's GDT interview post in a fortnights time that goes live on the 15th July!
Happy scrapping everyone!
Em xo
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  1. I'm so excited - I LOVE these sketches! Gorgeous layout by Janice Nicolls, too - love seeing her work. Always love your digi layouts, Em. The cut-out circles are really effective - on my must try list!

    1. Yeah they are so much fun such an easy way to use scraps of PP too by tucking them underneath your cut outs. Easy to do on a cutting machine too. Can't wait to see some pages you might create trying this technique Zeneva ;)

    2. Thanks Zeneva....I love your work too! x

  2. Emma, awesome group! I'm so happy I jumped in last month :) This month I may just try 2 ;)


    1. left ya some blog love -


    2. Thank you so very much for your wonderful blog post Paula, wow girl you are amazing! Your page is sensational and you blew my socks off with such a great write up thank you again and again and again he he xox

  3. Stunning sketches and so happy to see Janice featured at Guest DT... love her work.

    1. I can't wait for Janice's GDT interview to go live she has some delicious pages to share in that post, so stay tuned Val ;) Thank you for stopping by PD's :)

  4. Fabulous sketches...as always! Janice ROCKS:):) Stunning interpretations here from you both:):) Thanks for sharing like this:):):)

    1. My pleasure Lizzy, hope you find a couple of sketches in this release helpful :) And yes Janice Rocks for sure! he he

  5. Thanks for the great inspiration. Here is my first one

  6. Thanks Em for inviting me to be a GD for Page Drafts...I am still pinching myself.
    Thanks to everyone for your beautiful words....You all make me feel so special...Mwah!

  7. http://scrapstuffzbystacia.blogspot.com/2014/07/they-see-me-rollin-with-doodlebug.html

    Link to my blog post using the first sketch!!! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!!

  8. Thank you, Em, for your inspiring sketches! I used one from this release: http://debbitscraps.blogspot.com/2014/07/patriotic-csi-case-file-no-130.html

  9. Here's my take on #4. Love your sketches!!!

  10. L-O-V-E-D these sketches! Used one for my most recent feature over at Let's Capture Our Memories - http://letscaptureourmemories.blogspot.ca/2014/07/inspiration-station-take-two.html Thanks a bunch of bunches for the inspiration!!


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